Monday, July 06, 2015

In 2 recent shiurim in a Monsey Kolel

" The Kolel in Monsey was "machshil" klal yisroel 

by bringing in unqualified individuals to spew their venom re: infestation.

Both of the speakers are polished orators & can talk about insects but know nothing about the choimer hu'issur nor do the know the facts or the halachas. They'll quote chazal, Ramchal, chofetz chaim, etc but insects? gur'nisht.

They proclaimed "there is no problem with insects".

As Chazal say, " we can create 150 reasons to permit the sheretz".

Just because someone has few dollars to support a Kolel, does that give him the right to be mach'shil klal yisroel? R"L- 
A real Shandah to the Kolel.

ALERT: Re: ANDY BOY Romaine "Hearts" infested



Romaine Hearts  

Chinese Glatt Kosher-105 Clifton Ave. Lakewood


Under the Hashgocha of Rav Yehuda Shain- Reb Shnuer's and Reb Noson's, Z"L hand picked Mashgiach kashrus for the Yeshiva. 

Note: Bedikas Toloi'yim par excellence.
Note: Positive product only.

Kashrus Alert- Sprinkles ice cream products

Sprinkles ice cream products use fresh / frozen fruit "bi'chezkas toloi'yim", therefore don't use their products that contain fruit in any shape or form.

Kashrus Alert: Kof-K restaurants and caterers, take-out, pizza stores etc

The ones responsible for the standards of "infestation" at the Kof-K is not to be relied upon at all, including fruits, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, etc vegies including all leafy, herbs, celery etc.


The same Rav gives on "It's Yo" yogurt in Howell, NJ- Don't use it

When the Rav responsible was asked, "your eateries' fruits and vegetables are infested"? He smirked and responded as follows;
צדיקים ילכו בו, ופושעים יכשלו בה וכו'  - הלעיטהו לרשע וכו'

Sunday, July 05, 2015


You wonder what criteria are used to select people for the peace prize.
Read the story below and we then understand how pathetic and superficial our world has become.
Remember this lady?

WHAT A WOMAN                       
Irena Sender
Died: May 12, 2008 (aged 98)
Warsaw , Poland

Kshrus Alert: Let's YO! Yogurt

Let's YO! Yogurt 
has all of the infested fruit that you may not consume.

Friday, July 03, 2015

Update: Badat"z of Lakewood vindicated

R' Yaakov Ephraim Hakohen Forcheimer and Gavriel Finkel have to pay to Dr. Moishe Kawbelblum $350,000.00 
She should pick up her original "Get" at the Badat"z of Lakewood. As the one she currently has- it's validity is questionable.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Kashrus: Reb Shnuer, Z"L, V. BMG's kashrus today

Insects were found in some cake baked in the Yeshivas kitchen was discovered.
The cook at the time was an עם הארץ לחומרא כפול שמנה. The cook told Reb Shnuer that "in der heim" he worked for the health department and he is assuring Reb Shnuer & Reb Noson, "L that the insects will not affect the health of any of the talmidim.

Reb Shnuer and Reb Noson sent him packing right then and there.

Lakewood shtut today?

BMG hut avek ge'shtelt an exclusive BMG's kashrus Orgini'zatzia that has no factual issues with anything pertaining to kashrus. Note: we are addressing "factual" not "theory".

Complete disregard for;
Bosur she'nisalem,
No hashgocha,
No Mashgichim,
Mashgichim- she'bab'nicks, not shomer shabbos, etc.
Goiyim working at night with no frum supervision,
Chilul Shabbos,
Allowing to use utensils that are Ossur,
Allowing Goiyim to have rolls of kashrus tape in their cars, trucks, etc
They allow to use non-kosher warm boxes without kashering.
Allow to use the non-kosher counters, tables, sinks, etc all without kashering.
Etc. This is the shortened list.

The OU, Star-K, OK, Kof-K etc does not allow such a הפקירות!

For BMG's shtut kashrus? מותר לך, מותר לך, מותר לך
All for control, power, money, etc ר"ל

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

At a recent Levayah in Lakewood a Baal maspid asked,

"Why is there such a lack of Emunah אמונה in Lakewood"?

It's well established that lack of kashrus is at the forefront of a lack of אמונה. 
Why are our youngsters straying from the path?

It's well known the story with Reb Akiva Eiger, Z"l and many others re: That a lack of kashrus has caused entire towns to become heretics אפיקורסים. and stray from the path of Torah.

In Lakewood, the restaurants, caterers, take-out, bakeries, home bakeries, ice cream parlors, pizza stores, sushi, slush, smoothies,  etc and everyone in between

They are using infested fresh, frozen  blueberries, strawberries, pineapple fresh, canned  etc.
Infested lettuce, fresh herbs, edible flowers, infested fish, infested corn on the cob, etc.

Mashgichim-"shebab'nicks & non shomer shabbos mashgichim, no fully trained mashgichim for infestation, goyim having the keys to the establishments, goyim working through the night without any mashgichim or other supervision, cut out the fairy tales about cameras.

A complete הפקירות בלי שום אחריות כלל וכלל ר"ל

And at a levaya you ask;
"Why is there such a lack of Emunah אמונה in Lakewood"?
Why are our youngsters straying from the Torah?
Why is our divorce rate so high?
You don't have to look far.

Who is at the forefront of the lack of any standard in kashrus in Lakewood?
BMG's Kashrus Organization
After 120 when you'll be asked how did you allow of this in your Town, you will not be able to shrug your shoulder and say "I did not know"!

BMG's kashrus Organization made an attempt to fleece from a meat purveyor 
"protection money" to the tune of an annual fee of $60,000.00 plus other overrides. Professional thugs!

And for that pay-off they would allow him only to sell pre-packs in Lakewood, no sales to butchers, caterers, restaurants, etc. An additional pay-off will come a later date for that approval. Professional thugs.

What is the justification to charge exorbitant fees for hashgocha?

BMG's kashrus Organization is fleecing the owners of food establishments, etc heavy thousands of dollars unjustifiably.

The owners pay it because they use mafia tactics and threats.

They also pay it in order to receive a hetter to serve anything and everything under any circumstances without "any regard to kashrus ramifications".


Sunday, June 21, 2015

Kashrus "Alert": תושבי ואורחים בלייקוואד-PIZZA storeis are also one that violates

Kashrus alert: All BMG's KCL Establishments including Pizza stores.

It has become a practice instituted by BMG's kashrus certifiers to use market "infested" product.

They tell the food service establishment to rinse and blend the infested product and use it in anything and everything.

There is absolutely no Heter for this, even if one is a "kahl" קל in infestation.

The workers are building on this treif "minhag" with a "lumdis" and use it in all of their dishes "as is" without rinsing and grinding.

When the Sushi chinese man was using the fresh infested herbs in the 4th st pizza store for his sushi. When BMG's kashrus certifier was asked "pishat" his response was "the goi used it by mistake".

The הפקירות has no limits. The chinese worker lives upstairs, there is no mashgiach that can have any control (besides the cash register). Who knows what he is bringing in from his upstairs apartment, for Lakewood oilum to be "mitamtum" themselves and their families?

Don't eat from any of BMG's kosher certifiers establishments.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Alert:CRC Hisachdus is in a "pickle" (Garlic sour-pickles)

Alert: Garlic sour-pickles

Some producers with hisachdus CRC do not peel the garlic, which have mites and or other insects. 

Don't use Golden, Williamsburg, Ba Tampte CRC sour pickles 

The Aida Yerushalaim insists that all of their garlic is peeled. CRC Hisachdus allows unpeeled garlic.

 CRC  ah!.... only the "litvish" eat sour pickles so who cares about them.

Defining-The Askan [Shtadlan of yester-year] v. the Askan of today

The word Askan/ Shtadlan, the title public servant, has referred to a person characterized by selfless love for the Jewish people who sacrifices himself for the public good. We grew up hearing stories of people ran across Europe meeting with kings and governments in an effort to avert terrible decrees against the Jewish people. All this was done at their own personal peril and their own expense. The early klal workers in this country wanted nothing more than to spread chinuch and literally were moser nefesh for that ideal.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

KCL: Kashrus alert: infestation

Kashrus ALERT: re: Infestation

Many facilities under KCL utilize "market-produce" unchecked from infestation and have the facilities wash, blend and use.

This method is וודאי אסור משום אין מבטלין איסור, כולם מוחזקים בתולעים.  

They were found to be infested with whole insects.

This affects all KCL products;
Falafel balls
Any item that uses fresh herbs including dill, cilantro, etc.


KCL re: Bedikas Toloi'yim ? Minhag KCL-new method

KCL re: Bedikas Toloi'yim standards ? Minhag "KCL"

Dole lettuce: [is infested, regardless which hashgocha] is permitted.

Blueberries:[is infested, regardless which hashgocha] is permitted.

Strawberries: [is infested, regardless which hashgocha] is permitted.

Rosemarry: [is infested, regardless which hashgocha] is permitted.

Edible Flowers: [is infested, regardless which hashgocha] is permitted.

Fruits & Vegetables that require checking by experts, is KCL permitted even when non experts are just going through the motions but don't know at all what they are doing-Minhag KCL.


Come one come all, learn from the KCL how to check infestation: 
New Method:  לטהר השר"ץ בק"ן טעמים כפי מנהגי KCL

Monday, June 15, 2015

Commercially Cleaned "iceberg" Lettuce must Still be Checked!

Commercially Cleaned "iceberg" Lettuce must Still be Checked! [partially corrected version]

Kosher Agencies say "Yes" All year.

Chicago – The kashrus world is unanimous in requiring lettuce to be checked for insects. Agencies mistakenly  accepted the notion that pre-washed (bagged) iceberg lettuce is acceptable from any source, even if it is not certified as kosher.  This is because the method of commercially cleaning leafy lettuces is not sufficient to remove the insects typically found in iceberg lettuce.

However, in recent weeks, says the cRc, lettuce coming from specific regions in California have been more heavily infested than usual, and that the cleaning methods in use have not always been successful in removing all insects from the lettuce.

This has caused some kashrus agencies to temporarily remove certification from a number of brands of iceberg lettuce, of which the Fresh Express brand is the most prominent.

A cRc statement noted: “We have not been able to independently confirm these results on a national scale, but accept the findings of these hechsherim based on the research of experienced Mashgichim in multiple cities.

Accordingly, the cRc recommends that for the remainder of  2015, consumers nationally should either (a) purchase iceberg lettuce which bears reliable kosher certification, or (b) wash and have experts inspect iceberg lettuce (fresh or bagged) 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

ALERT; Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, certified test center "not-reliable" R"L-

There have been numerous incidents where the Lakewood Shatnez test under the hashgocha of the  Lakewood Bais Din L'Inyanay Shatnez, has been found to be definite Shatnez even though it was certified as Non-Shatnez.

The incidents were numerous, too many to be called a mistake. The places where the Shatnez was fond indicate a complete lack of knowledge of the expertise required to properly check for Shatnez. We are not talking of re-processed issues, regular straight out "shatnez" according to any "mumcha".

Therefore previous tested clothing by above,  should be re-tested by a qualified test center. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Kashrus alert- OK certified Stop N Shop Bakeries

The OK certified Stop N Shop Bakeries

Their "OK" kashrus on those bakeries should not be relied upon.

We wrote an Email to the head of the OK re above, we did not receive any response at all.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reb Shnuer Kotler, Z"L personally appointed.....

The Rosh Yeshiva, Reb Shnuer Kotler, Z"L personally appointed R' Yudel Shain as the Mashgiach in charge of kashrus in the Yeshivas kitchen. 

Reb Shnuer, Z"L appointed R' Yudel Shain in the presence of Reb Noson Wachtfogel, Z"L the Mashgiach. The Mashgiach, Reb Noson told Reb Shnuer that he had some concerns re: the kashrus reliability in the kitchen The Rosh Yeshiva and Mashgiach.

Reb Shnuer, Z"L told the Mashgiach to call in yudel shain. Reb Shnuer asked yudel shain to please accept the responsibility of the kashrus in the yeshivas kitchen.

The second day on the job yudel shain was of the opinion that a key frum person in the kitchen must be laid off. Reb Shnuer & Reb Noson, Z"L concurred and accepted the employees resignation immediately.

Reb Yudel Shain remained the Yeshivas kashrus mashgiach for a number of years, till he left the kolel of the yeshiva. Yudel shain made all of the decisions re: kashrus and only answered to Reb Shnuer, Z"L.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lakewood-Kashrus eye opener

Interesting, every product in your home was manufactured in a goi'ishe company. nuhr vos, you are relying on the capable Hashgocha and their capable Mashgiach.

Also Interesting- is the fact that finkel who was frum, gave a daf yomi shiur, was the baal koreh, etc yet he gave treif to all of New York & Lakewood customers. Doheny in Los Angeles, also a frum owner that gave treif to all of Los Angeles.

A kosher butcher in Frankfurt, Germany, recently admitted in court that he sold doctored tons of non-kosher meat for years as glatt to all of the observant Jews.

There was the 4-5 episodes in Boro Park, Flatbush, Queens, etc areas where frum owners were selling treif to their customers.

All Goi'ish owned food service or eateries that had a capable Hashgocha and a trained capable Mashgiach was not found to be selling treif.

Bottom line? Where can one eat kosher food in Lakewood?
Where you either rely on the owner or on a capable hashgocha and capable mashgiach.

Rabbi G.Finkel seems to have a knack to  love the ones that are machshil people R"L.

Rabbi G.Finkel seems to have a knack to  have a "hatred" of the "emmes" and ones that know what they are doing and are the true experts. 


Under the Hashgocha of
Rav Yehuda Shain of Lakewood

Rav Yehuda Shain was the mashgiach appointed by Reb Shnuer, Z"L to be the one totally  in charge of the kashrus in the Yeshivas kitchen for many years. 

Keys: Only the Hashgocha has the keys to all of the locks.

Re: Infestation issues;
Only Positive vegetables are used, whatever positive does not have is checked by properly  trained Mashgichim.

Every item or utensil that comes in is meticulously checked by the Hashgocha for acceptability.

הבעל הבית אינו משלם המשגיחים, רק ההשגחה

Monday, June 08, 2015

From an Email re: kashrus in Lakewood

 Anonymous said...
KCL and cohorts are besieging everyone re: Reb Yudel giving a hashgocha to a place belonging to a goi.

Interesting, every product in your home was manufactured in a goiyeshe company. nuhr vos, you are relying on the capable Hashgocha and their capable Mashgiach.

Now KCL says that for Lakewood yungeleit it's a different madreigah. Eateries, restaurants, etc. one should only on the frum owner and not on a capable hashgocha with a capable trained mashgiach.

So why is KCL giving hashgochas to frum owned establishments? Why is KCL charging fees those establishments for a hashgocha that KCL says is not needed because it's a frum owner.

Interesting also is the fact that finkel who was frum, gave a daf yomi shir, was the baal koreh, etc yet he gave treif to all of New York & Lakewood customers. Doheny in Los Angeles, also a frum owner that gave treif to all of Los Angeles.

A kosher butcher in Frankfurt, Germany, admitted in court that he sold doctored tons of non-kosher meat for years as glatt to all of the observant Jews.

There was the 4-5 episodes in Boro Park, Flatbush, Queens, etc areas where frum owners were selling treif to their customers.

The bottom line is it all depends on the Hashgocha and the mashgiach.

Sunday, June 07, 2015

The תכלת issue clarified

The sefer עין התכלת quotes a message which the בית הלוי sent to the author.
הגאבד"ק בריסק דליטא שיחיה מסר כל טעמו ונימוקו בדבר מיאונו במצות
התכלת לאחד ממיודעינו שיכתוב ויאמר לנו משמו בזה הלשון כמע"ל לא   ביאר
בדבריו מה זאת מצא אחר שנשכח, אם מציאת הדג או הוצאת צבעו, ורק אחרי
אשר כמע"ל יברר זאת, היינו היה בזה דבר הנשכח והוא מצאה, אז נהיה
מחויבים לשמוע אליו וללבשו, אכן אם נאמר כי הדג היה במציאות, וגם הוצאת
צבעו היה ידוע בכל זמן מהזמנים שעברו עלינו מעת שפסקה התכלת מישראל,
ועל כל זה לא לבשוהו אבותינו ואבות אבותינו, הרי הוא כאילו יש לנו בקבלה
ומסורה מאבותינו כי זה הדג וצבעו איננו החלזון והתכלת אף שהוא בכל
הםימנים שסמנו בו חז"ל, כי אפילו נרבה כחול ראיות לא יועילו נגד הקבלה
והמסורה, ורק אחרי אשר יברר לנו כי דג זה או מלאכת צבעו נפסק ונשכח
מציאתו או ידיעתו בשום זמן מהזמנים ונפסקה בזה הקבלה אז יהיה לנו דברי
ההלכה לראיה, ע"כ

From an Email, the answer is yes-at no charge.

Reb Yudel,
I heard from a reliable source that you would consider giving a Mehadrin hashgocha provided they use Positive products, Mashgiach is properly trained in bedikas toloyim, and the owner is mekabel not to talk in shul-| at no charge for the Hashgocha.?

Monday, June 01, 2015

OK Chinese Restaurant in Manalapan near the Stop n Shop OK bakery


מי שיש קצת יראת שמים בלבבו, לא יקנה שום דבר משם, יש חששים גדולים
בעניני כשרות ורמאות

בדיקת ירקות זה סתם חוזק שמה, הגוי יש לו מפתח וכבר תפסו אותו על חם כמה פעמים שמביא לשם דברים אסורים, הוועד הכשרות עושה משחק מהמשגיחים-בקיצור הגוי יכול לעשות מה שרוצה ואין פוצה פה-שני משגיחים טובים עזבו ה מקום בגלל אלו הדברים
OU לא היה נותן השגחה למקום כזה בשום פנים ואופן 

Shockingly! The kosher certifier "OK" gave him back the keys to the place after the locks were changed because you couldn't operate the place as a reliable kosher restaurant.

After checking up on the current status of kashrus, you can rest assured that the not the OU nor the Kof-K would grant their kosher certification. There was very valid kashrus reasons that the other Mashgichim left from there.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Alert: Ocean County Sheriff Department Chaplains

Alert: Ocean County Sheriff  Department Chaplains based in Lakewood, NJ.

It's alleged that the Ocean County Sheriff  Department Chaplains are utilizing false email addresses in order to harass, blame others, arm twisting, power, etc.

The Ocean County Sheriff's Department can add that to another shameful accomplishment of their Chaplains.

Aleph Institute fund raising activities, scam alert

Do not share any names of  your family, contacts or associates or with any Aleph Institute's associates. They are utilizing the information just to raise funds for their questionable Organization.

Aleph Institute will tell your contacts concocted stories of all of the good they are doing for you and all other inmates, they might believe them. It's a scam to raise money.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Atert: Aleph Institute's reps in the penitentiary system may actually be "shtinkers".וד"ל

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It's simple. They come in n befriend some unsuspecting fellow. He feels spiritual next to the "rabbi" btw these rabbis don't need to know too much or have any decent smicha just the name and a beard and a deep drive for money.

So the rabbi returns n gets the guy to talk. As long as the rabbi has your confidence your secrets are safe with him EXCEPT for one thing, your new rabbi is a phony and he just turned over all your info to the Feds. For what? Must be something very good in it for him.

Then he gets paid on government contract for "religous visits" and then he shnoors from every wealthy person in the land, forgetting to mention they were already paid by the government contract. Now what? Figure out a new govt contract to come up with maybe for dancing with the inmates on simchas Torah, hey that's a great idea. Game players. Send a copy to your uncle in Flatbush give him the opportunity to get the story straight

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Open letter to Mr. Nathan Lewin Esq.

Dear Mr. Nathan Lewin, Esq.,
The Orthodox Union and Attorney Nathan Lewin, Esq.has filed a friend of the court brief in the suit of US Honorable Judge ruled in favor of the Justice Department and the OU, et al in  Justice Dep FV Florida Prison system.
The Suit was for Jewish inmates are to receive kosher meals.
The Orthodox Union and their attorneys is to take it to the enforcement level.
There must be kosher meals provided to the Jewish inmates, same menu given to the regular inmates "but kosher".
The sad facts are that the Jewish prisoners don't get fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. The Jewish inmates receive shabbos Peanut butter and tuna fish as their protein.
Awaiting from the OU and their attorneys to enforce the Courts ruling. "Same menu, but kosher"
Please advise me as to your progress.
Yehuda Shain, Lakewood, NJ
PS also sent to the OU

[to date we received no response]

Update: Hashgocha in a shtut should be a "service" by the Rabbonim.

Hashgocha in a shtut should be a "service" by the Rabbonim.

Sadly, Hashgochas even in a shtut became a money driven entity.

Recently one has stepped up to the plate to provide a mehadrin standard Hashgocha as a service to the shtut. 

There is no charge to the establishment for the Hashgocha.

Of course the Mashgiach, etc. must get paid a salary.

It's based in Lakewood, New Jersey. The Administrator is R' Moshe Bressler Phone: (732) 886-9007  (extension #4)

In Baltimore, a relatively new yeshivish hashgocha does 

not charge the establishment. 

Alert: Shatnez headbands

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Rav Shmuel Wosner, OB"M re: infestation "whom to ask"

Many newspapers, magazines, etc publish recipes with a misguided disclaimer;

"Many ingredients are prone to infestation. Please ask a local Rav for guidance re: infestation". 

According to Rav Shmuel Wosner, the Local Rav is not the one to ask re: infestation, you must ask only an expert in infestation.

Rav Shmuel Wosner, זצוק"ל stated on more than occasion that the  רמ"א ש"ע יו"ד סימן ס"ד סעיף ז " וסדר ניקור אלו החלבים צריך ראיה מן הבקי בניקור , ואי אפשר לבאר היטב בספר" 

Rav Wosner said this halachah is for every area in kashrus, one is to ask the "expert in that area" not the Ruv. 

Rav Wosner said that the Ruv is to sit in the Bais Medrash and obtain from the "mumcha / expert" the facts, and דער רב איז נישט דער מומחה, דער רב קען געבען דער פסק לוט דאר מציאות וואס דער מומחה שטעלט אראפ .

The ר"ן among others state that the opinion of the מומחה outweighs all others, no matter how many disagree with him.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Update: Kashrus alert: Portobello and exotic mushrooms

Kashrus alert: Portobello and exotic mushrooms are infested, including USA product.
On the portobello mushrooms, the gills on the underside must be scraped and removed prior to use.
Note: There are Lakewood based Rabonim that consider themselves experts in insects, they are advising people that Portobello mushrooms never have insects.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Aleph Institute is a for profit Organization- why a 501 (c) 3?

Aleph In$titute financial$: 

A 501 (c) 3) Why? 

they are a "for-profit" Organization.

Aleph Institute gets paid $$$ from the prison system  for;

$piritual $upport of pri$oner$- Thousands of dollars.

Food package$ for prisoners- tens of thousands dollars.

Chaplaincy- tens of thousands of dollars.

Then they raise millions of dollars for their benevolent work they do for the prisoners. Whom are they fooling? All of the suckers.

They provide no food or drink for the prisoners- Aleph Institute does get paid handsomely for the food packages, chaplaincy, support, etc. 

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Beware: Once your'e client, you'll remain a client for ever.

It's a well known fact, that Psychiatrists, dermatologists, therapists,  chiropractors,  once your'e client, you'll remain a client for ever. 

Now there is a new one, If you go to a Bai$-Din in Borough park (run by a Bobov-48) you'll always be coming back to them for more $ittings. Called a " ישיבת בית דין"

Even the P$ak is deliberately written in a manner that will make you come back time & again.

Monday, May 04, 2015

Teva meats certified by Reb Dovid Miller (Monsey, NY)  845-419-teva

 Teva does home delivery to Monsey Lakewood Boro Park and teaneck and ships nationwide 

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Update: Aleph Institute- Where do your donations go to?

Correction: Aleph Institute will be providing cheese cake for shavous at the prison commissary. The charge is $2.50 a slice "all the money goes to the Aleph institute". 
Looking for a donor for the cheese cake. 
8 inmates at @2.50 a slice= $20.00 

In Aleph Institute Mission Statement they only claim to provide spiritual but no physical needs such as food, etc. For those item one must go the Catholic or Muslim Chaplains.

So what in the world does Aleph Institute need donations?
They only need some minimum contributions at most.

Clarification: The Prison system tries very hard to accommodate their needs. The issue is the Aleph Institute, they don't realize that prisoners are to be treated as human beings. (hat-tip to Aleph chaplains, if there are any?)

 What does the 501 (c) 3 Aleph Institute do for the prisoners?
Ah! Aleph Institute's mantra is "kim'aht"!

Hot water for shabbos? NO!
A warm meal for Shabbos? NO!
Lechem Mishnah for Shabbos? NO!
Any other accommodations? NO!

OH! they put them on tefillin, and daled-minim. (during the week) 

Your donations are going to whose pocket?
Rabbi in charge may have the answers.
Director of Prison & Military Outreach
9540 Collins Avenue
United States
Telephone:(305) 864-5553 ext. 14
Fax:(305) 864-5675