Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spirits Unlimited is Jewish owned

Spirits Unlimited is Jewish owned, therefore if his chometz was not sold properly it's חמץ שעבר



Respond to fax- 1-888- 887- 7570

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Urns- אין צריך טבילה?

Urns- אין צריך טבילה?
There was an article in a recent kashrus currents re: the Urns that state it does not require Tevilah. The article addressed some concerns and suggested that there may be acceptable reasons why it does not require tevila (connected to the ground with the electric cord).

Reb Moshe Feinstein, and the Chazon Ish, Z"L say one should not eat at a restaurant or caterr that does not toivel his utensils.

Reb Moshe says that one may remove the solid food and put it on the table and eat it (the food does not become Ossur), but not eat it straight from the plate, a soup or tea can't be consumed.

The Urns are manufactured in the Peoples Republic of China. The Rabonim and the importer work out a contract that provides among the following; the materials are purchased by the Jewish importer, the workers are paid by the importer, all of the manufactures overhead is paid by the importer, the facilities are leased to the importer, etc.

The contract is written in English. In the Peoples Republic of China, only a Chinese contract is enforceable, an English one is non enforceable. Therefore the heter of not toiveling has no basis. That would include the disposable aluminum pans.

May one rely on those that consider the Urn attached to the ground? and that one does not drink directly from the urn but puts the water in a cup (the water does not become ossur). Aluminum pans, may be used one time without tevila according to the Minchas Yitzchok & others. The Chinese ones are very thin gauge and can't be used more than once.

Hisachdus CRC & Shufrah do it again

Shufrah Chocolate decided to move some of their manufacturing of chocolate from a California
company (leaving an unpaid large balance). The moved to Baricini Chocolate Co. (invested about 3/4 million dollars).  Baricini is an OU certified establishment, that does Parve, Dairy, chocolate coverd Matzah, etc. The OU had a Mashgiach visit very often. The OU had a full time mashgiach for the 2-3 months that they produced for Pesach.

Along comes CRC's Hisachdus and says we are certifying Shufrah, therefore "vee need a heimish mashgiach, nisht a Orginizatzia mashgiach". So Hisachdus put into place at a dairy, parve, chocolate coverd matza facility a "heimish" mashgiach. He is in his "HEIM ish" he is not there even for pesach productions.

Friday, March 28, 2014

You can be a גדול!

עין בש"ע אורח חיים סימן קכ"ד סעיף ז' You can be a גדול ע"פ הלכה
מי ששח בשעת התפילה "הוא חוטא וגדול עונו מנשא וגוערין בו

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Satmar Dayan should be asked to leave Quality Farmers market, as it's a big michshil harabim.

Reb Yudel, during this time of hester panim  approaching purim, sometimes we forget to look closely enough at things that should be obvious.

after the horror of the meat scandal of a few years ago, who would have thought that in a town such as ours, the world renown ir hatorah of Lakewood, they would be selling repacked meat WITH NO HASHGACHA . at quality farmer's market, just north of Lakewood, they claim that the repacking is done under the hashgacha of the satmar dayan, yet when someone  asked the dayan if this was true he clearly said that it is ABSOLUTLY NOT UNDER HIS HASHGAHCA.  a person went into the store today and asked the heimisha manager under who's hashgacha the meat is repacked and he clearly stated that the repacking is done under the satmar dayan's hashgacha. when it was pointed out that the letter on the wall CLEARLY states that it does not cover repacked meat , he told  that its good enough... it's meal mart..

unfortunately, this trend repeats itself in other stores, for instance toy stores that sell uncertified repacked shlach manos. 

I am at a total loss of how to understand the mindset that would attempt to service a kehilla of bnei torah with such utter contempt.  once it is obvious that emes does not a clearly stated fact, who can tell what else is being offered for sale at that store...

each person should carefully consider the above before assuming they can merely walk into a store and purchase foods with no personal responsibility.

wishing all a kosher and freilechen purim
NOTE: The Satmar Dayan was told by me (Yudel Shain) numerous times over the past 2 years to get ouf the Quality Farmers Market as he is being Machshil the Tzibur in consuming non-kosher.

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Only in Lakewood

Their goal is Peter the Great. They devise, scheme, etc. towards the goal of Peter the Great. At times they must do some Stalnisim to achieve their goal.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

Tropicana juice- Is it kosher?

Tropicana- Is it kosher?
It has scale insects, lac bug, etc

All the containers checked by the Lab were with the OK on it.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Which supermarkets have qualified indviduals for checking & removing infestation?

Evergreen- Monsey, NY

Gourmet Glatt- Five Towns, NY

Gourmet Glatt- Brooklyn, NY

Lawrence, NY (only)

Update: Another Supermarket is working diligently in having their Mashgichim trained properly.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Tropicana juice: Is the "OK" being truthful?

The "OK" says, sure Tropicana Juice may have insects but not the ones with the "OK"!

 The Lab Checked the ones with the "OK"and found that indeed they have insects.
It's not OK to have insects in OK Certified juice!
The OK also was not truthful either re: The Shufra Cocoa for Pesach from China.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tropicana Orange Juice may contain "Scale-insects"

Please be aware that Tropicana Orange Juice may contain "scale insects".

We don't think Tropicana cares that consumer don't want insects in your morning Orange Juice, I guess Tropicana Orange juice is out.

Most prefer not to get their protein from Juice, but from fish, poultry, etc.
You can email Tropicana at-

Please be aware that Tropicana Brand Orange Juice with Omega 3 contains-Fish  and should not be used together with meat or poultry.

Tropicana Ruby Red Grapefruit juice  their distinctive colors comes from crushed female cochineal beetles.

Saturday, February 08, 2014

UPDATE: "Bodek" fruit & vegetables co. must change their hashgocha

"Bodek" fruit & vegetables co. must change their hashgocha.

They have an unacceptable standard re? infestation.

Hisachdus CRC might eventually come around and have properly trained mashgichim for infestation.

The other certifier should be dropped completely, as they will not change and their standard is not acceptable at all by any of the Halachic authorities..

Their spinach, strawberries, broccoli, garni bags, were found to contain infestation.

Tuesday, February 04, 2014

לא ציית דינא, וסירוב בית דיןAryeh family from Lakewood & NY are still backing Moshe ARYEH in being a "loi-tz'ayis"

לא ציית דינא, וסירוב בית דין
מהבית דין נתיבות חיים של הרה"ג נוסבום בארץ ישראל
על משה ומרת ליבא, למשפחת "אריה"
שגרים בשכונת מעלות דפנה
ליתר פרטים, להתקשר לאלי' אריה, ול שיעה פרנקל, וליונה ווייס כולם מלייקווד- ולחייא אריה ולביני אריה

Monday, February 03, 2014

In response to the many inquiries re: infestation checking in the Five Towns

As far as we were able to ascertain at this time, there is the Glatt Gourmet supermarket that has a qualified trained mashgiach in charge of checking and cleaning fruits & vegetables from infestation. Therefore the items marked in Glatt Gourmet (5 Towns) are acceptable.

Other Eateries, restaurants, foodservice, supermarkets are not acceptable at this time. Some of them claim to have a Mashgiach that comes in to check. Those individuals are not trained properly and are therefore not qualified for the task.

The truth behind "HOSPICE"!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hisachdus replaces OU full time mashgiach with a Heimish one in chocolate factory

Hisachdus replaces OU full time mashgiach with a "Heimish" Mashgiach in chocolate factory.
The OU had a full time mashgiach in the Chocolate manufacturing facility. While there he also supervised the Hisachdus productions. He was there from the beginning of  production till the packing.

Hisachdus wanted a Heimish Mashgiach. The Mashgiach is there only sometimes. Hisachdus defines
Heimish_ a mashgiach that sits in der "Heim", not at the job.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hi$achdu$ CRC- Joins with Israeli "Rabanut" for pe$ach ha$hgocha

Hi$achdu$ CRC- Joins with Israeli "Rabanut" for pe$ach ha$hgocha.
The Citric acid used in Hisachdus CRC chocolate including Peasch is under the "Rabanut" (zionizm)
manufactured on Shabbos in a Jewish Company.

The Cheshbon is Poshut, with the Aida not on Shabbos is more expensive. If it's made on Shabbos Nobody could check up if the Mashgiach came. The Rabanut did not send a Mashgiach on Shabbos. Hisachdus didn't bother sending one either, but they must've charged for one.

It's all a matter of dollars, the Hashgocha business.

 בודק עד מקום שידו מגעת
והשער מבטלו בלבו

BMG's LAKEWOOD SCOOP being מכשיל הרבים באיסורים חמורים

מכשיל הרבים באיסורים חמורים
The Lakewood scoop posted the Stark-K's  instructions for eating insects via מטהר השרץ בק"ן טעמים


Advise for investors

מאת סוחר

1. אם אמרו לך "אל תגיד לאף אחד" או "זה סוד" - ברח מיד מהעסקה.
2. כל ההבטחות בנוסח "רווחים בטוחים", "אפס סיכונים", הן במקרה הטוב דמיונות.
3. הבטחות על "רווחים גדולים" הם דמיונות או רמאות (דברים כאלו יכולים להתרחש רק בעסקאות סמים או נשק ולשם כך הם לא צריכים אותך).
4.  זכור, הרוצה לשקר ירחיק הצעתו (מברכים את בעה"ב שיהיו נכסיו קרובים לעיר).
5. השקעות המוצעות בעיתונים בפיתויי פרסומות או מודעות קטנות, מדורגות מחשודות מאוד ועד וודאי רמאות.
6. אם מצאת סתירה. חור או טיוח בדבריו של מציע העסקה או משפט בנוסח "אתה לא תבין", הוא רמאי.
7. אף פעם אל תשקיע אצל אברך צעיר בשנות העשרים.
8. גם סוחר ידוע שפתאום מציע השקעות כנראה נקלע לקשיים ומנצל את הרקורד והשם שלו.
9. לעולם תברח ממטאור פתאומי שמתחיל לתת סכומים גדולים לצדקה או נוסע ברכב יוקרתי.
10.אם מעורב בעסקה אפילו אדם אחד מפוקפק, לא משנה באיזו צורה, ברח ממנה מיד. אל תחשוב שתרוויח יחד עמו מאיזה רמאות, מעילה או גניבה. הוא יגנוב אותך.
11.מי שצריך להגיע למשקיעים קטנים כמוך, הוא בקשיים.
12.גם אם אחרים כבר הרוויחו ממנו, זו עדיין "ההשקעה שלו" או בתהליך ההסתבכות שלו.
13.אם יש טעויות בחוזה בכתיב או בכללי הכתיבה (גם זניחות) באנגלית, אין צורך לחקור יותר.
14.אין השקעה בלי מסמכים, אין תורה שבעל פה בעסקים.
15.אל תחתום עסקה בלי עורך דין אמין מטעמך ולא עו"ד שהוא מציע. לא כל עו"ד מבין ויודע מה לבדוק.
16.לעולם אל תחתום לפני שיעברו כמה ימים אפילו אם "העסקה בוודאי תברח לך". לפחות הכסף ישאר אצלך.
17.אל תעשה עסקה שאשתך שוללת אותה.
18.אף פעם אל תעשה שום עסקה בלי להתייעץ עם מבין בעניין שאין לו אינטרסים: רב, רבי, ידיד טוב (הוא בוודאי יפסול בצדק 90 אחוז מההצעות)
19.אם רבך שלל עם נימוק, אין הנימוק צריך להיות נכון, עצם השלילה הוא הנכון (לא תמיד הוא יכול להגיד לך את הנימוק האמיתי)
20.סוחרים (משחקים, מהמרים) במניות בבורסה - התרחק מהם בכל מישור שהוא.
21.אנשים עם "מידע פנימי" על "מניה פלונית" שבויים באמונות מוטעות. אם זה נכון, אינם צריכים אותו ואותך.
22.חשב אם יכול להיות: בהשקעה של 20 אלף דולר שלך. עד שהכסף מגיע ליעד, דרך הסוכן וסוכן המשנה וכו', נשארים עשרת אלפים דולר לעצם ההשקעה. אם הצפי הוא 100 אחוז, כלומר 40 אלף דולר,הוא להרוויח 400 אחוז (שכן לעסק הגיע רק 10 אלפים דולר). כל זה אחרי מסים (40 -35 אחוז), היטלים, החלפות מטבע, הוצאות ניהול משרד,רו"ח, עורכי דין ורווחים ש'הסוחר הגדול' צריך להרויח. כלומר בלא פחות  מ- 800 אחוז. האם זה יכול להיות?

Friday, January 17, 2014

It's all about "control", & Money, Kesef, Dinero, shekalim, etc

How is possible that Wiesner puts his holy BMG hechsher in two places which each have a terribly Pritzusdika shiksa to greet people and literally show off their bodies.  It is disgusting and a terrible boosha for Lakewood.

I went to both places with my husband and he literally can't take the image out of his head and he is a chosheva yungermaan.
He went to Reb ..... and told him to stop this TODAY

Weisner is going to have real tzoris happen to him for allowing this issur chomer to continue

We have ten yungerleit with signs that are each putting up signs near Weisners house tonite to protest

Deena who's family is suffering=

KCL is deceiving the Gullible Tzibur.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Hisachdus CRC using OK Cholov Akum Chocolate? "kasher keilim"?

Hisachdus CRC's B. A. Glick has a very close financial relationship w/ OK Labs, Therefore they will not stop their establishments from using the cholov Akum chocolate.

Does all Hisachdus and other heimish hashgochah establishments have to kasher their keilim?
Why not?
They use the refiners & other equipment interchangeably which isn't koshered. Btw- "Hisachdus never kashers there" even if a mashgiach did arrive.

Another OK Foul up? Perhaps Star-K should certify "SETON" as Dairy?

OK list it as a Parve  product.
The ingredient panel lists Whey, Milk should be listed as Dairy
Cholov Akum "treif".

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heimish Hashgochas using Blommer's Chocolate Dairy cholov akum "treif"

Kashrus Alert: Heimish Hashgochas using Blommer's Chocolate Dairy - cholov akum? "treif"

Blommers Chocolate (E. Greenville, PA) was kosher certified Parve for many years by the "OK Labs"now Star-D

Others were uncomfortable with blommer's for many years and considered Blommer's as dairy "cholov akum".

Hisachdus CRC, among other heimish hashgochas allowed it to be used as Parve, when it should not  allowed it because  of cholov akum (treif). It's still being used by their certified establishments as parve.

Note: Reb Moshe Feinstein has a Teshuvah that the operated cows [4-8%] are "treif", therefore the heter that others are relying on on Reb Moshe is a falacy.

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Defining some loshon horah issues

רמב"ם דעות פ"ו ה' ח'

אבל בדברי שמים אם לא חזר בו בסתר מכלימין אותו ברבים ומפרסמים חטאו ומחרפים אותו בפניו ומבזין אותו עד שיחזור למוטב וכו'

עין כסף משנה (המקור) "פשוט

חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה  כלל ד'  ס' ז' ......לכן מותר להכלימו ולספר בגנותו בין בפניו.....צריך לשפטו לצד החוב...ולשפוך בוז עליו.. מותר לפרסמו ולגלות חטאיו בשער בת רבים וכו'

וע' עוד חפץ חיים הלכות ל"ה  כלל ד'  ס' י'  "לחזהיר בניו ותלמידיו" וכו'

ועין עוד בכתבי חפץ חיים – מכתב מ"ו- ע"כ הנני מודע בשער בת רבים
שבמקום הריסת הדת וחרבן הדת-נעשה כל זה כהלכה "מצוה רבה וחובה גדולה לעשות כל מה שביכולת לגדור גדר ולעמוד בפרץ , ואין בזה משום חשש איסור.

 ומוסיף הח"ח "ופליאה לי על כל גדולי ישראל, המחשים בזה ואינם יוצאים במחאה גלויה, וכו'"

תדע שזה לא בא ממבקשי אמת ותורה וכו' רק רק מה ס"א ודורשי שקר ואינם מאמינים בתורה מסיני ר"ל.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

what some common food insects look like

1-Thrip                   5-Moth
2-Mealy bug           6- Fly
3-White fly             7- Beetle
4-Aphid                 8-Leaf Miner
                              9- Mite