Friday, January 30, 2015

ר, יענקל מילר

א שדכן האט אמאל געזאגט כ׳האב אויסגפירט א חמשה עשר
דע חתן איז א באקסער 

דע שוויגער איז ביטער ווי א זית
די צוויי מחותנים זענען צוויי 
הארטע ניסלעך
ציגעזאגט האבן זיי קעסט אין 
געגעבען האבן זיי א פייג

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chamisha Ossur Guide -חמשה עשר בשבט

חמשה עשר בשבט תשע"ה   בס"ד  15th of Shevat 5755  (2015)
The Guide is based on the guidelines established by the following the accepted industry “infestation experts”; Rabbis Moshe Vaye ,  Shmuel Shternfeld, Dovid Goldstein, Mendel Einhorn and the Insect Kashrus Lab. Based on the Pisakim of Rav Eliyashev, Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, Rav Moshe Feinstein Z”L and Rav Shmuel Wosner, Rav Karelitz, Rav Tuvia Weiss etc. Shlita.

1.      Almonds-Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
2.      Apples- Cursory inspection for holes, also check at stem & base flower area.
3.      Apricots- Dried, Open and check each half on light box for infestation. Cursory check outside-specks are not scales.
4.      Artichoke-Extremely infested- don’t use any.
5.      Avocado-At times may have scale insect on outside, usually clean.
6.      Banana chips, dried-W/ Hashgocha-check for webbing, insects or worms.
7.      Blackberries- Fresh, Frozen, dried, Canned, Jam, preserves, yogurts, lebens, Ice cream, Ices  w/ fruit pieces, etc. Extremely infested, Don’t use
8.      Blueberries- Fresh, Frozen, dried, Canned, Jam, preserves, yogurts, liens, Ice cream, Ices  w/ fruit pieces etc. -Infested w/ scales, mites, thrips, maggots (inside) Realistically can’t be checked, don’t use any including USA, Canada, Mexico, etc.
9.      Brazil nuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
10.  Cantaloupe- Usually clean-
11.  Carob- (Buksa)-Usually infested w/ webbing, insects, worms, crumbs, larva, beetles, etc. - Don’t use.
12.  Cashews- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation
13.  Cherries- Sweet, sour Canned-Open 10% and check inside for signs if infestation. Dried, don’t use.
14.  Chestnuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open nuts and check inside for signs if infestation. Common.
15.  Coconut-Raw any form may be used.
16.  Corn on the cob- Fresh, frozen, usually infested, cut off kernels and rinse. Babby corn on the cob is not infested.
17.  Cranberries- fresh, dried- unprocessed, raw. May be used.
18.  Currants- Are a smaller type of Raisin (see Raisins). Zante Currants- Are not raisins at all, presumed clean.
19.  Dates-Fresh, Dried-Split w/ knife, remove pit, check carefully w/ through lighting for dried worm, etc. Pressed dates- usually low quality dates are used and may be infested- do not use.
20.  Dehydrated vegetables, herbs- Check for webbing, etc.
21.  Edible flowers-All colors are to be considered infested with thrips, often live- Don’t use, very hard to check.
22.  Esrog- Jelly, Jam, check peel area for scale insects and a cursory inspection on rest of fruit.
23.  Figs- Fresh, Dried, from any area Even w/ Hashgocha. Is very infested inside, extremely hard to check as the insects are camouflaged. Don't useFresh- Cut open everyone, check very carefully as the worms are camouflaged. Do not to use.
24.  Flour- Should be sifted
25.  Frozen vegetables- The ones that don’t have an infestation concern, must have Hashgocha due the blanching as well.
26.  Fruit candied- May have additives, needs a Hashgocha.
27.  Fruit leather- Cursory inspection for attached flies. At times low grade apricots or real strawberry fruit used that may be infested.
28.  Garlic- Fresh- Peels contain mites & other insects- Peel, rinse bulbs, Wash all utensils i.e. knife, board, plate, etc. Sour pickles that did not peel the garlic, rinse the pickles before use.
29.  Grape Leaves- Fresh Canned, etc. may have mites, worms, aphids, etc. Soak in soapy solution, sponge both sides, rinse well. Pickled grape leaves or Filled / stuffed – Only with Aida Hashgocha.
30.  Grapefruit-Check peel for Scale insects.
31.  Grapes-All- Separate into smaller clusters, do not remove stems at this time. Soak in soapy water solution 3 times, rinsing & rubbing with fingers well in between each time.
32.  Guava- Cut the fruit into slices across, examine each slice both sides for worms that are same color as fruit, may be identified by black dot at the head.
33.  Hazel Nuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
34.  Honey roasted nuts-Inspect for webbing, etc. Some may be dairy (cholov treif as well).
35.  Kiwi- May have scale insects on the peel.
36.    Lemons- May have scale insects on the peel.
37.  Lime- May have scale insects on the peel.
38.  Macadamia nuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
39.  Mandarins- May have scale insects on the peel.
40.  Mango- Usually clean, when overly ripe, but check inside as you eat.
41.  Mulberries- Very infested- Don’t use.
42.  Nectarines- Inspect outside for holes, etc.
NOTE One may NOT take fresh/ frozen fruits that are prone to infestation, i.e. Strawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, etc. wash them and blend or chop to use in a fruit soup, Slurpee, etc. They remain אסור! One may take the fresh / frozen fruits that are under a proper Hashgocha and puree or cook them to use.
43.  Olives- Usually clean. Naturally Black olives, are soft, prone to infestation & hard to check.
44.  Oranges- May have scale insects on the peel.
45.  Papaya- ברכתו האדמה usually clean. ( העץ-וודאי ערלה)
46.  Passion fruit- Usually clean.
47.  Peanuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
48.  Pears- Cursory inspection.
49.  Pecans- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
50.  Persimmon- Usually clean, if very soft, cut into slices and check both sides.
51.  Pine nuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open a few nuts and check inside for signs if infestation
52.  Pineapple- Fresh- Crown leaves, very infested, Peel and remove all brown hard areas- infested with mites, It was found in Costa Rica pineapples, insects past the brown area, etc.
Pineapple packed in its own juice, contains insects in the juice & pineapple slices, chenks, etc
53.  Pistachios- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
54.  Plums- Remove pit and check pit area very well.
55.  Pomegranate- Score on raised area of peel to separate into natural sections. When removing seeds check for worms, maggots, Check peel for scale insects.
56.  Prickly pear- Usually clean, if very soft, cut open and check for worms.
57.  Prunes- Calif. Presumed clean
58.  Pumpkin seeds- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
59.  Quince- Must be checked inside for insects.
60.  Raisins- All, including Raisin Bran cereals- Are considered infested, very hard and time consuming to check-Don’t use.
61.  Raspberries- Fresh, Frozen, dried, Canned, Jam, preserves, yogurts, lebens, Ice cream, Ices  w/ fruit pieces etc. Infested, Don’t use
62.  Sesame & poppy seeds- Check for webbing.
63.  Squash, Gourds- Usually clean, cursory inspection should be done when cutting open.
64.  Star fruit- Presumed clean.
65.  Strawberries- Fresh including long stem, Frozen, dried, Canned, Jam, preserves, yogurts, lebens, Ice cream, Ices  w/ fruit pieces etc. Infested with mites, thrips, etc., Cut off green top leaves with a sliver of fruit. Unrealistic to clean as thrips hide under seeds. Peel fruit & use. Frozen w/ Hashgocha- DON'T USE!.
66.  Sunflower nuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open at least 10% -20% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
67.  Tangerines- Check peels for scale insects.
68.  Tomatoes- sun dried- All are infested even w/ Hashgocha.
69.  Vine leaves- Many have mites, worms, Soak in soapy solution, sponge both sides, rinse well. Pickled grape leaves or Filled / stuffed – Only with Aida Hashgocha.
70.  Walnuts- Check nuts for webbing, holes, nibbling. Open 10% of nuts and check inside for signs if infestation.
71.  Water- NYC and some other areas may be prone to the Copepods and must use filtered water only.
72.  Alert: Klein’s Fruits, Nuts, Chocolates, etc. have a tendency of being of a lower quality and often infested, ingredient panel not accurate, mislabels items etc. Many others are re-packing Klein’s products in their own containers. We can’t recommend their products during the year or Pesach.
73.  ALERT: Any Chamisha Ossur “platter” that contains any of the following in any form should be avoided entirely: Strawberries, Blueberries, Blackberries, Dried figs,  Raisins, Carob (Buksa), Raspberries, Boysenberry is a cross between a European Raspberry (Rubus idaeus), a Common Blackberry and infested.

tu bishvat pictures

Not all מוהלים are qualified, no matter how many they did.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Scale insect

The scale insect common in citrus fruits and in the juice extracted has an 
interesting life cycle.
The insect goes through different stages also called molts.
The insect crawls for about 2 days till it finds a citrus fruit that it can draw food from with it's feeding tube inserted in the fruit.
The insect then excretes a scale covering in an oblong shape that covers essentially it's whole body, leaving some room for offspring etc.
At a following stage or molt, it's legs that are not needed anymore are dried up,[ or withdrawn] as Rav Avigdor Miller Z"L describes Hashem's wondrous creations. In the females of the scales the antennae and legs are not lost, but are reduced to such an extent that though the adults can move about somewhat they seldom do.

It's time for the insect under the scale to reproduce, it is "roch'esh" backwards to the oblong point of the scale covering where there is a minute hole that was not covered by the scale excretion.
The male insect can then line up with the female for reproduction purposes.
The female moves forward "roch'esh" and produces it's offspring. after a while the offspring will leave the shelter of the scale covering.

For the minute movements under the scale the insect does not need it's legs, but still is able to move.
The snake that hashem removed it's legs, is still a beryiah, can still move, etc.
There is another fascinating thing about the life cycle of the scale insect. It's legs do not have joints, so they can't fold. With the legs in it's original position will prevent the insect from being able to be in position for reproduction.Nif'lois ha'borei.

The legs are not necessarily removed, it may be withdrawn into the body. There are no dried out legs found. In the females of the scales the antennae and legs are not lost, but are reduced to such an extent that though the adults can move about somewhat they seldom do.

When the scale insect has to reproduce, and goes into stage #3, it stops feeding entirely [the feeding tube is withdrawn]. The salmon when they go to spawn, they also stop all eating completely.

After it was with the male scale insect it does not continue to feed at all, it just reproduces. then it's in the next stage of its cycle and does not continue to feed.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Alert: Pineapples and pineapple "packed in it's own juice"?

As is well known, Pineapples do have insects in the crown and in the brown parts of the skin peel.
Some Pineapples were found to have have mealybugs  past the brown area as well, it must be checked by experts in infestation.

Now it was discovered another insect issue with canned pineapple. "Packed-in-its-own-juice". The canned pineapple is raw not cooked, how do they get the "Packed-in-its-own-juice"?

They take the skin / peel, etc with all of the inherent insects and cook it to obtain the pineapple-juice.

Is the somewhat viscous juice filtered? If yes, with what size filter?
We asked some
of the heimish certifiers and they refuse to respond.

״אדם חזק מאוד הוא אדם שמעדיף שיפגעו בו עם האמת מאשר שינחמו אותו עם השקר״

״אדם חזק מאוד הוא אדם שמעדיף שיפגעו בו עם 

מאשר  שינחמו  אותו  עם  השקר״

Saturday, January 17, 2015

The unfinished batttle against the modern "Misyavinim" in kashrus

From an Email:
Rav Shimon Schwab spoke at a convention about "The unfinished battle against the modern "Misyavinim". We think there is another modern "Misyavnim" brewing in kashrus, which is being mitamtim our hearts and our children's hearts as well. It is not the Organizational Hashgochas that are the Misyavnim.

The Heimish Hashgochas in it's infancy was supposed to provide to the discerning kosher consumer a product that is of a higher degree in kashrus. As the Heimish Hashgocha industry has mushroomed beyond imagination. There are currently more so called heimish hashgochas than there were a total hashgochas just a few years ago. It is strictly driven by financial incentives.

The discernible consumer became more educated and realized that it has actually taken us in the opposite direction. The Heimish Hashgochas are taking the attitude "trust me, I'm Heimish", with a complete disregard for the discernible consumer.  The discernible consumer can not (in all fairness) rely on most
of the Heimish hashgochas in general.

In many aspects the Organizational Hashgochas are more reliable. The Organizational Hashgochas (at least some) have a high regard for the kosher consumer and especially for the discernible consumer.  It's time to wake up and smell the coffee, before we realize "the Emperor hath no clothing". It's all a bluff with a higher price.

Kashrus Alert: consumer beware

The Good Life Cheese’s Horseradish Cheddar is one of a large selection of kosher cheese varieties. Foodworks Cheese is out of Monsey, NY. It is certified by Rabbi Dovid Katz of Avenue L in Brooklyn, NY, and it is Kosher for Passover year round.

This company was owned and operated by a Heshy Gottesman, who had a mixed reputation and was sort-of semi-orthodox . There was some kind of a scandal years ago with him and his cheeses. Maybe more than one, and maybe he also relied on the opinion which is not accepted lehalacha that any vegetarian rennet is not part of the issur of gevinas akum.

There are suspicions that Rabbi Hazdan of Staten Island, who boasts of being a talmid of Rav Moshe, gives hashgocho on Amy's frozen meals made with cheese relying on that opinion too.

But now Gotesman is publicizing that he has supervision of Rabbi Dovid Katz,

Orange juice

בענין ה"כנימה" שנמצאת בפרי הדר ובהמיץ שלהם Scale insects in Orange Juice

עיין עירובין י"ג: בענין לטהר השרץ בק"ן טעמים, ע' תוספות שם
עיין בסנהדרין י"ז. תוס' שיודע וכו' וקשה לר"ת דמה לנו בחריפות של הבל     לטהר השרץ שהתורה טימאתו

עיין בשו"ת שבט הלוי חלק ז' 
ובסוף סימן קכ"ד וזה לשונו "ואשרי הנזהר שלא להשתמש בכל ההיתרים, והשי"ת יצילנו מתולעים ןמשגיאות, עכ"ל.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

In the USA there is no Bitul by the Orange Juice

 דבר שיש לו מתירין!

As Reb Shlomo Zalman, Z"L said "americanah Rabbonim zuchen nuhr heteirim. 

בענין ה"כנימה" שנמצאת בפרי הדר ובהמיץ שלהם Scale insects in Orange Juice

בענין ה"כנימה" שנמצאת בפרי הדר ובהמיץ שלהם

עיין חזון אי"ש סימן י"ד
עיין ט"ז בש"ע יו"ד ס' ק"ד בסוף

עיין שו"ת שבט הלוי חלק ז' סימן קכ"ג, ס' קטן ז' או המילבן איך יתכן שבריבוי תולעים לא ימצא הרבה ודאי פירשו.

עיין שו"ת שבט הלוי חלק ז' סימן קכ"ד, סימן קטן א'-דגם משום חשש התלעה בתלוש אם דרכו בכך חייב בבדיקה, ולא מהני ס"ס לכתחילה בזה וכו'

אבל כבר פשט המנהג בכל ישראל שדברים שיש בהם חשש מילבן בעיתים המצויות שלא לאכלם כלל, או לאכלם רק ע"י בדיקה היטב כמש"כ במנח"י כלל מ"ו סוס"ק י"ח וכו'... ואין להתיר דבר כזה בדורינו דמי יהי' בקי בין קטנים ביותר לבינונים וגדולים במכת המילבן. נ.ב. ה"כנימה" גדולה מהמילבן פי כמה.

סימן קטן ב'- בענין בדיקת האורז....דשכיכי ב' מיני תולעים, תולעים ממש דקל לבדקן והמין השני הוא הכינמה דהיינו מילבן וזה ישנו ג"כ בבדיקה ע"י חמין ועין יפה ומבדקא בשמש או זכוכית מגדיל ראות יע"ש עוד.

ולא הבינותי.......אבל לבדוק להחמיר ע"י זכוכית כזה באורז וכיו"ב כדי להרגיש במה שצריך להרגיש אלא לפעמים העין קצר הראות ועין חדה יכולה לראות כזה ועין בינוני לא מרגיש רק ע"י זכוכית כזה אין זה בדיקה להקל אלא להחמיר במה שצריך להחמיר....ובודאי מה שאין עין אדם אפילו הכי חדה וחריפה יכולה לראות כלל בזה בוודאי א"צ לבדוק כלל,..

ובסוף סימן קכ"ד וזה לשונו "ואשרי הנזהר שלא להשתמש בכל ההיתרים, והשי"ת יצילנו מתולעים ןמשגיאות, עכ"ל.

Update-2: Lakewood Shopper farneigeled out a million dollar building from Lakewood "taxpayers"

It's important to write nice articles about Lakewood Fire Department Commissioners, that way a newspaper could get for free a million dollar building Department and Fire Police Station, 40 Clover Street, on the backs of Lakewood taxpayers.

The commissioners say they fear the shopper terroristic tactics "we will "bashmutz" you in our paper". 

We are all wondering aloud? Is the Township committee also afraid of the "shoppers terroristic threats"?

Bulletin: Mike Delia (Lakewood Township Committee) fears and dreads the wrath of the Shopper.

The Shopper will allow LCSW to use part of the building.

Even if it's leased by the Township then leased to the Shopper the building may become taxable.

Why doesn't the Fire Department put it up for sale?
Because the Shopper will write a damning article about them?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Update: Orange Juice ע"פ מסורה

FDA permitted insects in Orange Juice

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Protecting and Promoting Your Health
Citrus Fruit Juices, Canned
(AOAC 970.75)
Average mold count is 10% or more
Insects and insect eggs
(AOAC 970.72)
5 or more Drosophila and other fly eggs per 250 ml or 1 or more maggots per 250 ml [1 cup]
DEFECT SOURCE:  Mold - processing contamination, Fly eggs and/or maggots - post harvest insect infestation 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Full Orange Juice report 14 pages

send email to   subject line OJ report

Oat Matzos? Update:

 Oat matzos- Oats have a natural bitterness caused by an enzyme. In order to deactivate that enzyme, the oats are steamed, not with any induced steam. The oats are heated on trays in an oven, the internal steam deactivates the enzyme.

A local NJ Matzah bakery is claiming (falsely) that their oats are not steamed, we verified and found that their oats are indeed steamed.  Therefore the hot steam which is "mai-pei'ros" is a big concern. Dayan Weiss, Z"L, in Minchas yitzchok takes issue with using oats for Matzos.

Reb Moshe Shternbuch, shlita in his most current sefer says Re: Oat Matzos- because of the heated internal steam being used to deactivate the bitter enzyme one may not bake the oat matzos with any water at all only "mai -peiros" as any water introduced will cause it to become chometz immediately.

Anyone that must have Oat Matzos for pesach that was not steamed or heated at all "prior to baking", should be in touch with us after purim. It will be available then.

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Update: The final PSAK, Reb Chaim agrees that Orange juice must be filtered prior to use.

אין לחשוש לדיעות כוזבות של חוקרים ומדענים וכדו' רק תורתינו הקדושה ע"פ 
המסורה" מדור דור

Rav Moshe Vaye is addressing the USA Orange Juices, i.e. Tropicana, among the other USA brands.

Others are attempting a spin that Reb Shlomo Zalman was addressing home / store squeezed orange juice only, because commercially processed orange juice is much cleaner.

The cold facts are  just the opposite.
The commercial process subjects the fruit to a very abusive process as can be seen by the peels that is left.

There is an additional factor that some processors subject the orange to hundreds of needle pricks in to the fruit in order to extract the orange oils. Those pricks loosen many more of the insects. I have inspected many Orange Juice plants in the USA and S. America.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

Alert: Chicago definition of "milk"

CHICAGO (FOX 32 News) -

Speaking of animals, another new law expands the definition of legally saleable milk to include milk from sheep, water buffalo and other hooved animals. 

Monday, January 05, 2015

Tropicana- Update- Reb Chaim wrote in Taameh Di'krah " the Chazon Ish used to filter the citrus juice because of insects on the citrus peel"

לא צריכין לחשוש לדעות כוזבות של חוקרים, מדענים וכו'- אין לנו רק תורתינו הקדושה שנמסר לנו לדורי דורות ע"י המסורה- מפי מרן הרה"ג ר' ' חיים, שליט"א"

A very misleading and factually not correct scenario was presented to Reb Chaim yesterday.

Reb Chaim is still of the opinion that the Citrus (Orange) Juice must be filtered properly.

Saturday, January 03, 2015

Update: Tropicana Orange Juice

Since it is impossible to hide the scale bug infestation the media now has to turn to a different approach with their propaganda to explain the issue. They are now trying to convince people that even though every expert Bodek is finding infestation [without the use of a loupe] contrary to the OK claim that it doesn’t exist, do not worry there are Poskim who say it is mutter. (we created a Heter!)

  The author in his previous article showed that he was completely confused between bug parts and whole bugs (the Issur of Beryah). The issue of Beryah is that it is not Batul even though it cannot be removed or recognized until it dissolves in the Heter. This is an Issur Derabonon. 

The issue with Orange Juice is bug parts. If they can be removed then there is an Issur Doraisoh. This also applies to whole bugs that can be removed. Since the author was evidently not knowledgeable in this subject at all, he spilled the beans and reported what he really found.

The testing revealed that each cup of Tropicana Pure Premium had on average of between three and four scale bug parts in the juice that are visible to the naked eye on a light box. 

This was verified through the use of a USB microscope. In experiments conducted this week, about 1 in 20 cups actually revealed a fully intact scale bug. This is after examining four containers.

Since his job is now probably in jeopardy he is practicing damage control and trying to convince people that there is nothing wrong with Tropicana. In the current article he writes the following;

This author was working within the p’sak of those poskim who rule that in order for a scale bug to be forbidden as a berya (creature), it must be identifiable in the mesh filter without use of a jeweler’s loupe or magnifying agent (such as the new USB microscopes). Without the jeweler’s loupe, I was not finding an infestation level above 1 in 20 cups. We don't know the expertise or lack thereof of the tester.

Why is there an omission of the BUG PARTS results 20 cups with 3-4 avg. parts per cup for 20 cups, all visible to the naked eye on a light box no loupe necessary. To try and answer this question the author writes section III. The Intactness of the Bug.  In part I he states “the “dot” must be a fully intact bug in order to be considered forbidden in a mixture.” 

This is 100% wrong. The requirement to be fully intact is only relevant to the rule of Beryah if the head, feet, and wings of a bug were removed and it falls in to a mixture and can be removed thru straining  it is an Issur Doraisoh to eat or drink that mixture. The issue of Larvae is also only relevant to Beryah and we are not discussing Beryah but we are worried about mutilated scale bugs.

In part III he states the following “III”. Some have expressed the idea that the “dot” is forbidden even if it is only a bug part. They hold that in reference to this issue, Tosfos “Hahu” (A.Z. 69a) is the more normative view than that of Rabbeinu Tam or the Rosh. 

The first problem is the Tosfos he quotes brings the Rabbeinu Tam and does not argue on him. So Tosfos, Rabbeinu Tam and the Rosh all agree. What they all agree on, is that the feet or wings of a שרץ are Mutar but under no circumstances is the בשר of a שרץ  Mutar. What we are finding in Tropicana are mutilated scale bugs which no שיטה in the world permits.

A: few words about size and נראה לעינים. The author writes in section II part B as follows;         B: Other poskim hold that a bug is considered nirah l’einayim only if it can be identifiable as a bug to the trained person’s naked eye. They hold that if it appears as only a “dot” to the unaided eye and is identifiable as a bug only with magnification, there is no obligation to look at it under magnification, and it is permitted. This is the way they understand the Rema (in Y.D. 84:6).  
This is also 100% wrong. There are dozens of Seforim over the last several hundred years which discuss the problem of mites (מילבין) in flour. The size of the largest mites are .7 millimeters. They only appear as a speck. Unless we are willing to say that all the Achronim are in error and flour mites are Muttar we have to assume that there is no requirement to be able to identify what the speck is and as long as the speck is visible it is called נראה לעינים It is also impossible to fit their understanding in the Rama.

In comparison the smallest scale bugs range between 1-3 millimeters so they are much larger than mites and are definitely Assur. In addition the author cannot name a Posik or any written source that have studied scale bugs and then said they were not נראה לעינים and Muttar.

It is obvious the intention of the author and his publisher are to follow the paradigm discussed in our previous post, PROMOTE (your advertisers) and PANDER (your readership) regardless of the truth. No one should be naïve enough to rely on anything they see or hear from these people. They will continue to cross the Globe to find that elusive Heter, as Rav Shlomo Zalman Aurebach, Z”L said, Americanah Rabbonim are always looking for heteirim.
Toshav Monsey